Software designed to root out and eliminate malicious threats such as viruses, worms, and Trojans

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows NT / Windows XP

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UnHackMe is an anti-malware app that will help you quickly remove viruses from your computer. This software can be used alongside most other antivirus apps, and that means you won’t have to make any changes to your system. Within a matter of minutes, UnHackMe will hunt down and destroy a wide variety of viruses ranging from Trojans to keyloggers. In addition to protecting your identity, this software is also going to speed up your system.

One of the most common issues that people have with antivirus software is the fact that most of those programs can’t be used together. If you have multiple anti-malware apps on your computer, then you will probably get false positives every time that you scan the system. UnhackMe takes a ‘holistic’ approach to removing malware. It will look for any files or settings that have been altered by malicious software while leaving your other programs untouched. After it tracks that malware down, you will be able to quarantine or delete it with a click of the mouse.

This program is especially good at getting rid of unwanted adware. Instead of stealing your private data, that type of software sneaks ads into all of your other programs. When you open up your browser, you may notice an unusual homepage or foreign search engine if you have adware. You might also have to deal with dozens of popups every time that you click on a link. UnHackMe performs a deep scan in order to catch any adware that has made its way into your computer.

After you download UnHackMe, you will need to choose between three different modes. In the normal Windows mode, this program is going to wipe out malware and clean up your browser. If there is a problem deeper in your system, then you might need to use the offline scanning mode. This mode performs a thorough scan when you first start the computer. It will catch and destroy any malware that has embedded itself in your computer before the operating system is fully booted.

The remote check mode is a simple tool that lets you send a detailed report of your system to another computer. This mode is usually used in work environments where multiple computers can infect one another. IT professionals often use this mode when remote employees are having issues with their devices. After the report has been sent to the IT expert, they can send back a small executable file that will fix the issue.

UnHackMe gives you the ability to find and eliminate almost any type of virus. That includes rootkits, Trojans, keyloggers, adware, and redirecting software. Even if you have a comprehensive anti-malware program on your computer, you should still consider downloading this software. UnHackMe will further improve your security without impacting any of your other programs.


  • Can be set to scan at boot
  • Automatically removes hidden rootkits
  • Works with other anti-malware programs


  • Not designed for inexperienced users
  • Unhelpful post-scan report
  • GUI could be improved

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